November was Fantasy Month

Despite a couple of posts squeaking in during the first week of December, my reading got tossed for a loop over Thanksgiving when the flu had me nigh on comatose, November was dedicated exclusively to fantasy fiction.  Here is a listing of “November” posts:

Sa souvraya niende misain ye: Identity and The Gathering Storm

Review: Dust of Dreams by Steven Erikson

Review: The Adamantine Palace by Stephen Deas

Review: The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham

Review: Servant of a Dark God by John Brown

Review: A Young Man Without Magic by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Review: The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

Dragon Age is Annoying*

Review: The Infernal City by Greg Keyes

Whew! That was a lot of reading!  I’m attempted to tackle space opera next, though a few other titles might creep into the mix.  Our copy of First Lord’s Fury never showed up at the library and I have a copy of Scott Sigler’s The Rookie that I haven’t been able to fit into my themed reading of late so there’s a chance I might crack those open this month as well.  I have a number of titles I’m fairly certain I’ll get to.  I’m almost finished Seeds of the Earth by Michael Cobley (a UK import that has been sitting on my desk for a couple months now), Nova War by Gary Gibson (sequel to the previously reviewed Stealing Light), and The Quiet War by Paul McAuley.  I don’t know the status of The God Engines by John Scalzi since I’ve yet to see a release date though my copy is pre-ordered.  I’ll also do my best to work through The New Space Opera 2, the first 2 stories of which I’ve really enjoyed.

I should also point out that it is December and I work retail part-time (in addition to my full time job).  I’m already 1 week into my December work-a-thon and my guess is I won’t see a day off until Christmas Eve.  As my mental state invariably decays, and I regress ever closer to a vegetative state, over the next 2 weeks posting may suffer as a result…you’ve been warned.

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