Review: Star Wars (FotJ #3): Abyss by Troy Denning

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss

Star Wars (FotJ): Abyss
Troy Denning, read by Marc Thompson
Random House Audio, 2009

I’m am really enjoying the entire Fate of the Jedi series perhaps even  more then I enjoyed those first Star Wars I read way back in the 8th grade.  I don’t know if 8th grade me would agree.  He would likely balk at the idea of 70 year-old Han Solo raising his grand-daughter or a slightly younger Luke Skywalker on a state-enforced (i.e. exile) father/son road trip through the galaxy; I mean what kid wants to read about old people?  Well, 26 year-old me is finding the more tangible weight of the Skywalker and Solo clans’ personal and political histories/legacies to provide a surprisingly enjoyable aspect of Star Wars fiction that I’m not certain was always present in the past.

Further more Fate of Jedi seems more willing to discuss the dichotomy and relationship between force sensitive individuals and the force blind; especially with how the latter perceive the former.  The best part is that both sides manage to have valid points: the Jedi’s (especially the Solos/Skywalkers) constant and blatant subversion of law for their own needs is not necessarily congruent with the ideals they espouse while, at the same time, Daala’s opinions of the Sith-are-just-evil-Jedi-and-we-need-to-control-the-Jedi mentality is obviously wrong.  Both sides are obstinate and seem unwilling to communicate in a meaningful way, a fact compounded by the Force-based psychosis that is plaguing the Jedi order and lending credence to Daala’s claims of the “Jedi Menace.”  For the reader actions from both sides, with the growing threat slowly being uncovered by Luke and Ben Skywalker, casting the whole situation as an giant train wreck occurring in slow motion.

Of course Abyss expounds on that threat in two ways that further sold me on this series:

1.)  It has tentacles.

2.) It is referred to as an Old One.

Lovecraft, welcome to a galaxy far far away….

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