Review: One by Conrad Williams

One by Conrad Williams
One by Conrad Williams

Conrad Williams
Virgin Books, 2009

Diver Richard Jane is off on a job repairing an oil rig when a mysterious cataclysm strikes seemingly reducing the world’s population (or at least England’s) to a bare handful of people.  Escaping his remote location Jane makes his way back to England hopeing and believed that his son is still alive.  Along the way he wanders through the devastated landscape that provides surprisingly limited clues into the truth of what happened.  Jane meets other survivors along the way and when the totality of the destruction turns out to be only the beginning of the horror.

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Review: Dawnthief by James Barclay

Dawntheif by James Barclay
Dawntheif by James Barclay


James Barclay

Gollancz, 2008 (mass market)

James Barclay’s Dawnthief is the first book in the Chronicles of the Raven which, as it turns out, is the first of two trilogies featuring this band of mercenaries.  The Raven, composed of six men plus one elf, are a hardened group of mercenaries renowned for their fighting ability and ability to succeed at the toughest missions.  In Dawnthief, the Raven are quickly and almost accidentally drawn into a quest to recover the nigh-apocalyptic spell Dawnthief for the dark wizard Denser in order to stave assault from the ravenous and aggressive wesmen and their powerful magic overlords.

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