Back! (Updated)


Apparently The Magicians has a significant amount of ancillary and promotional material available online so if you’re interested in the book you might want to check out the following websites:

You can explore Fillory here:

· Read excerpts from author Christopher Plover’s Fillory series here:

· Explore Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy’s secret website here:

· And make sure to visit!

Well I’m back from vacation and while gaming provided a significant distraction from reading (I’m contemplating a playtest report regarding the Psion for 4e D&D) I did manage to get through the indepentantly published Blood Red Sphere and Lev Grossman’s The Magicians so expect reviews this week.  I was also extraordinarily excited to find this on my desk when I got in this morning:

Boneshaker by Cherie PriestWhile I won’t be reviewing it until late September I am damned excited to dig into this book.  August will, hopefully, be a better book for my reading than July was.  The fact that there is an Erikson novel this month should help.   Anyway, I’m rested, refreshed

2 thoughts on “Back! (Updated)

    1. I made the mistake of starting to read it pretty much right away. I’ve managed to stop myself since I don’t really want to talk about so early before its publication date. I will say that excitement is certainly warranted.

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