The Best Comic You’re Not Reading

My first experience with Chuckles was G. I. Joe: the  Movie; a film that gave birth to the horrific Cobra-La, the kind cool but not really Nemesis Enforcer, the snake-faced Cobra Commander, and the death of Duke.  Thankfully the Chuckles seen in G. I. Joe: Cobra is nothing like the briefly glimpsed animated version.  No this Chuckles is an ice cold, charismatic, undercover badass sent on a mission to infiltrate Cobra from the ground up.  His handler, another familiar face, Jynx his only contact to his superiors.

While the rest of the IDW reboot of the G. I. Joe hasn’t got me really excited this comic has been the kind of update the series needed.  The cartoon Cobra has always been a bit silly, to put it mildly, so turning them and their larger than life characters into an actual threat isn’t the easiest of tasks.  While the main series is currently tasked with fleshing out the Destro/Baronness relationship (with really bad scottish dialects that I can’t quite get into) the real grounds eye view of Cobra as seen through Chuckles’ eyes is the first time I’ve ever truly believed that Cobra could be a living, breathing terrorist organization.

We’re only four issues into the series and we’ve seen a handful of fantastic updates on classic Joe elements including the BATS and the Crimson Guard.  It was a bit of a sedate start, but in a good way, slowly building up to some amazing plot twists and hardcore action.  Christos Gage and Mike Costa have absolutley nailed the behind enemy lines vibe.  Artist Antonia Fuso manages to impart that same oppressive atmospher with his art while at the same time pencils some exciting actions scenes.  This is some great stuff and if you were a Joe fan growing up you won’t want to miss out.

If you don’t have a nearby LCS you can always buy from IDW direct.

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