Another Music Post!

I was listening to the Seattle Geekly podcast this morning when a snippet of a song caught my attention.  In fact it caught my attention that immediately ran into work and popped open the show notes to find out its name.  Turns out it is by talented and hilarious singer/songwriter/all around cool dude John Anealio whose blog, Sci-fi Songs, I’ve run across before but somehow never managed to bookmark.  What song was it?  A little number called “Summer Glau.”   It is a short song and, given her recent tenure as a robot killing machine, I think in need of a few extra verses!   Anyhoo, check out this nice little fan made montage/video of the song after the jump:

The same podcast also mentioned a Star Trek themed rock band called Warp 11. All I can say is, despite not being a huge trek fan, awesome!  They have a wonderfully designed website as well (despite the use of tables for layout! Boo! Hiss!) that captures their chose theme beautifully.  They’re actually on their 6th album!  Also, the sound really good reminding somewhat of Lovecraftian themed rockers Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

Last but not least I’m fairly certain that my obsession with swedish progressive black metal band Opeth is growing to somewhat unhealthy levels.  Not really, but damned if they aren’t a talented group of musicians whose style from song to song and album to album shows more originality and diversity than any other three bands combined.  No matter how many times I’ve heard Coil, the opening track off of Watershed, still remains a powerful piece of music that never fails to entertain.  After consistantly telling myself I would I finally managed to track down a live performance of the song from what looks to be a Swedish news magazine type program.  Nathalie Lorichs vocals really tug on my heart string, so to speak, and Mikael Akerfeldt’s vocal ability to go from clear, clean vocals to death metal growls (the latter aren’t heard in this song though) is damned impressive.   Anyway, enjoy!

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