New David Anthony Durham Cover

The cover art and description for David Anthony Durham’s sequel to Acacia, The Other Lands have been making the rounds today.  You can check both out over a Suvudu here.  Acacia was one of my favorite reads in 2007 and despite being well received in most corners never seemed to get quite as much attention as I think it deserved.  It is out in mass market now so don’t be give it a try, escpecially if you’re in the mood for quality epic fantasy with well-realized characters, intense political meneuvering, and a fascinating and unique world.  Durham is well-known as a writer of historical fiction (primarily Pride of Carthage) and the same high detail and lyric storytelling indicitive of that genre work equally as well in a fantasy setting.

2 thoughts on “New David Anthony Durham Cover

  1. edifanob

    Acacia is still unread on my shelf. I think I have to move it into the first row as a lighthouse which always tells me: READ ME, READ ME, READ ME,…..

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