Razer, gaming hardware to watch!

Back in August I attended a panel on PC hardware.  One of the panelists, Razer’s Robert Krakoff, had some absolutely fascinating things to say about PC hardware especially as it pertains to HIDs.  He was an absolutely fascinating speaker to listen to and, where many current peripheral developers remains ensconsed behind corporate structures, Razer’s public face and customer laison is the company’s co-founder.  They are a interesting company and while I’ve yet to own a Razer product they more I hear from Krakoff the more I think that my next mouse/keyboard might not becoming from Logitech.

The reason I bring this up is a great interview with Krakoff is up over at DriverHeaven.  Krakoff has a mad scientists like vision for the company that I hope one day (maybe one day far in the future, but one day none-the-less) comes to pass because the benefits for gamers would likely be huge.  Anyway, when asked about the future of gaming peripherals Krakoff responded thusly:

Science has already made a rudimentary game that can read minds (or more accurately, measure concentration), through an implant that gives basic functionality of operating a computer to a quadriplegic, and another “implant” that helps a paraplegic to walk.

Were mapping the entire brain out, right down to the individual neurons, in an attempt to emulate intelligence from its source. This will be an important step forward in learning how the brain functions. Once we can harness the full power of reading minds then we will be able to tap into the brain directly, and create a two-way stream.

Suppose that I can scan your brain and nervous system with an advanced scanning technology at very high resolution, high band-width magnetic resonance imaging and ascertain all of the salient information processes and then download that information to a suitably advanced neural computer.

If my personal computer is a neural net of simulated neurons made of electronic stuff rather than human stuff, the version of you in my computer will run about a million times faster. Can you begin to see the possibilities of the future of game development and gaming?

I highly recommend you check out the rest of the interview. Keep your eye on Razer they have some great products coming up that diversify their product-line quite a bit. The interview is here.

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