RIP Michael Chrichton

For those that haven’t read already Michael Crichton passed away on Tuesday.  While I wasn’t a big fan of some of his later work his earlier novels certainly had an impact on my reading during my adolescent/teen years, and at the very least are strongly entwined with my memories of that time.  Strange as it might sound he is an author I will always associate with long car rides.

Back when we had time for big family ski vacations we would always pick out an audiobook to listen to during our car rides to Vermont.  My strongest memories are of Crichton’s books: Jurassic Park (to a lesser extent, The Lost World), The Sphere, and Congo.  I remember falling asleep during the way home and rushing to my room when we finally arrived so I could listen to the end.  While he isn’t often seen on lists of “genre authors,” and he never won a “genre award” (he did win an Edgar Allan Poe award though) Crichton was was probably my first introduction to science fiction.

So Mr. Crichton, thanks for the memories.  You will be missed.

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