Halcyon Days of Youth

While look for the final components of my Jayne Cobb costume I picked up a Nerf Maverick as my sidearm of choice.  A cooler person might have went with some kind of replica air pistol or something but well that seemed like a particularly bad idea on my part.  Anyway the Maverick is a damned fun little toy, especially for the $9 I paid for it!  Talk about value!

Anyhoo while browsing the toy section of a local Target I was struck by how hard it is to find (re: impossible) toy guns nowadays.  A fact I readily understand, but a bit curious none-the-less.  Anyone in their mid twenties probably remembers these:

For better or worse we’ve come a long way from realistic replic waterguns (anyone remember Airheads?). Nerf is still making a handful of awesome products to fuel backyard battles.  The Maverick, Recon, and the motorized Vulcan (a frickin’ Nerf machine gun!) are leaps and bounds beyond the Nerf toys I remember.

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