JDATE- It’s not what you think

JDATE, or John Dies At the End, is the wonderfully awesome web-book by author David Wong.  Unfortunately, as of 9/30/2008 it is no longer available for free!  The print version, released by the awesome fellows over at Permuted Press, has skyrocketed to a startling $200 in value.  It turns out that Mr. Wong has also been picked up by Thomas Dunne Books and the publisher (a division of St. Martin’s Press) will be re-releasing the book to the masses sometime in 2009.  I admit I’m catching the news a bit late and kicking myself for not finishing reading the sequel; though it looks like it might still be here.

I’m also a bit distressed that the Permuted Press edition, seemingly worth $200, is sitting on the shelves here at the library.

If you’re curious you can check out my review.  My preffered sound byte: “John Dies at the End was a fun read, reminding me of that first magical time I saw Hellraiser.”

Also keep on eye on the JDATE homepage as some sort of big reveal on Halloween.

I really do think that JDATE is something special and hope Mr. Wong has tons of success with Thomas Dunne and inevitable big marketing push behind the new edition.

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