Shup up John Conner!

John Connor (Thomas Dekker) the poor bastard, is perhaps verging a bit into Wesley Crusher territory.  As the youngest character he is, at present, the show’s weakest link.  Having recently finished Just a Geek, Wil Wheaton’s second book, I kind of feel for young Dekker who seems to be (like Wheaton) is a victim of how his character is being written.  His pouty emo act in the first two episodes cheapens the character and reveals little of the future saviour of humankind we all know and love.  There are some redeeming moments…ok, I admit that the real redemption of the John Conner scenes in episodes 1 and 2 are a result of his interaction with the adorably disaffected Riley (Leven Rambin).  From their initial meeting at school in episode 1 and their magazine browsing trip in episode 2 (ok, again I admit i was seriously distracted by the dress scene in that same episode, shut up) these remain the only time John’s emo, I’m-a-sad-future-hero character was palatable.  Episode 3 was a little better, John seemed fairly confident in a search to find the missing Cameron (Summer Glau) while seeming to have dropped his angry-emo act.  The preview for next week looked like we might see some more John redemption as well.  I also feel compelled to point out the the last episode’s revelations regarding Cameron certainly tie into the (rumored?) plot of the upcoming fourth Terminator movie.

Ratings are suffering (this show is not alone) but I’m certainly enjoying my time with it for the moment.

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