Classic gaming on Eee, Redux.

After Friday’s post I spent Sunday night trying to get Interstate ’76 to run on my Vista box which, as it turns out, is impossible. Enter my Eee PC! It lacks an optical drive but thanks to the power of MagicDisc I was able to take ripped image files from my discs and mount them on a virtual drive. There were a fewer other hiccups along the way but the I76 page over at ntcompatible was a major help and I finally got things up and running. I’ve only tested the game in “Super-Performance” mode (which looks like it just about halves the battery life to just over 3 hours) but it runs nice and smooth there. The keyboard is a bit cramped and I’ll be looking into other input options for it in the future, but I’m excited to play around with the game.

Curious to see how other games performed I dug out my old Baldur’s Gate 2 discs and ripped images of those as well. Once I transferred that over to the netbook things installed with no hiccups and were up and running no problem. The game looks, sounds, and runs great! I can’t enable the 3d acceleration (integrated graphics, yay!) but I haven’t patched the game yet (or installed the Throne of Bhaal expansion) so that might change.

I’ll continue experimenting with older games on my Eee PC.  My next test will be to see how games mounted on a virtual drive install/run from a USB thumb drive (the Eee PC has 3 USB 2.0 connectors).

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