Metal(and other) Aquisitions and Commentary

Haven’t felt inspired to write up any full reviews recently, but here are some of my recent music purchases and some brief comments for those who might interested.

Protest the Hero (self-titled):  Solid progressive metalcore.  Some really interesting music on here occaisonally obscured by the typical metalcore screeching.  It’s good that the iTunes version of the album came with an all-instrumental version of the album.

36 Crazyfists, the Tide and It’s Taker:  Polished metal with great energy but a bit unoriginal.  I admit that the band’s name has thrown me in the past (it doesn’t sound very metal does it?) but their recent review in Metal Hammer straightened me out.  Of course Metal Reviews hated the album and is on the mark to a point, but I’m less inclined to be that harsh.

North Mississippi Allstars, Hernando:  Southern rock with influences from metal, hard rock, country, and even a little hip-hop.  These guys haven’t released a bad album yet, great summer tunes.

Rage, Speak with the Dead (2006):  My favorite discovery of 2008 (so far) and one of the hardest bands to find searching by name alone.  A great album but certainly not as groove heavy as Carved In Stone.  The album does have a more epic feel thanks to the backup orchestra.  I really dig lead singer/bassist Peter “Peavey” Wanger’s vocal style, I don’t know why exactly, I just do.

Powerwolf, Lupus Dei:  Horror themed power metal?  Sign me up!  Not as stunning as I’d hoped but a solid album that is a lot more fun than you would expect.  I liked it better than Maiden’s latest, take that however you may but there it is.

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