More talking monkeys! Plus…robots!

Newsarama had the scoop yesterday that Marvel will be publishing more Agents of Atlas.

This was one of my favorite comics of ’06, and not solely for the aforementioned talking monkey or the retro-awesome robot M11, but for it’s solid art and top-notch writing.

The official Agents of Atlas site says (of the original ’06 series):

In the late 1950’s, The U.S. Government let FBI Special Agent Jimmy Woo forge a team of unlikely heroes: Together they stormed the fortress of a criminal mastermind to rescue President Eisenhower, and the group disbanded soon after. Now almost 50 years later, an unauthorized S.H.I.E.L.D. mission goes down in flames–and from the ashes arise forces from the GOLDEN AGE OF MARVEL!

The team features former Shield Agent Jimmy Woo, Marvel Boy (from the 1950s, has a fishbowlesque helmet and an honest to go flying saucer), Venus (a siren with a soul), Namora (Namor’s sister), Gorilla-Man (a mercenary cursed to be a gorilla for all eternity), and M11 (a sentiet robot with extending limbs and a death ray).  Again this comics was totally fun and, as the recent Agents of Atlas appearance in Secret Invasion was proof, is going to be hella fun once again.

You can pick up the trade from your local bookstore, local comic shop, or even ask your library if they can get a copy.  It’s well worth the effort.  The trade is really cool as, in addition to the mini-series, it collects the character’s first appearances as well as the team’s first appearance.  Great stuff.

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