Summer Gaming Malaise II: the E3 Debacle

Am I the only one that remembers waiting with anticipation for E3 and the plethora of news and announcements?  Reading with glee the “hidden gems” and the previously unknown information about upcoming releases was one of those summer traditions that I, for one, relished.  Sure E3 got a little over the top and, like a rabid dog, had to be put to sleep.  Now we have a new puppy E3 and it really well…sucked.

Sure I appreciated the new Fallout 3 trailers/gameplay demo but the most I could muster in response to everything was a resounding “meh.”

Microsoft has the most interesting stuff, but nothing mind blowing.  The Netflix deal has me interested, but I’m still stuck on DSL, so Lord knows if it’ll even be viable.  Final Fantasy XIII is cool, but I’ve always been a hesitant FF fan; the last game I played through to the end was Final Fantasy III (or VI). Not to mention that there is zero information on a release date.

Nintendo was perhaps the most disapointing.  I don’t even know what I have to look forward too in the coming months from them; let alone in the holiday season.  New motion sensor?  Cool I guess.

The most exciting thing out of all 3 days was likely the Rock Band 2 set list, damn nice set of songs there.  But that’s it.  Really.

Ach.  Maybe it’s just me but nothing really got my heart pumping (well, save that posted Fallout 3 trailer, but I was already excited about Fallout 3) like it did in the old days.  Makes me feel old.

One thought on “Summer Gaming Malaise II: the E3 Debacle

  1. ricker2005

    Agree, E3 is a load of crap now. The talks focus too much on pimping the sales numbers and there’s barely any new information.

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