Yet again more Steel Remains

Continuing my compulsory round-up of advance reviews of Richard K. Morgan’s The Steel Remains, nets me the first “meh” review over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.  I’m not sure I agree with some of his points, in particular his opinion that Morgan’s strongest point is character.  I think that Morgan is equally strong in his actions scenes. The chaos and violence sown by Kovacs in Altered Carbon stay with me to this day, and the action set-piece with the nano-monster from Broken Angels was pretty thrilling stuff.  Regardless, the review is worth a look, and as a video game player I’m well versed in tempering expectations and questioning the hype machine.

2 thoughts on “Yet again more Steel Remains

  1. I have to say that I didn’t really agree with Pat’s review much at all. I love Pat’s site a lot, and normally his reviews I either agree with, or think are well-written, explaining just why he didn’t like it. In this case, I don’t think either was true.

    Still, at least this time I’m not envious of him, since I got an advanced review copy!! 😉


  2. Larry, from OF Blog of the Fallen, said much the same in his comment on the post. I certainly agree a more thorough review would have been preferable.

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