We Wants It!

Acer has some interesting new products.  One screams sexy.  The other only hints at it. Both scream sexy at ear bleedingly loud levels.

The sexy, technophile’s wet dream, is the newly unveiled Acer Predator.  With an orange case, with strange angles and bulked out appearance give it the appearance some kind of roided out robot.  The case looks to be a variant of In Win’s recent B2 Stealth bomber case (review), but I could be off.  Perhaps most impressive are the front access ‘EasySwap’ hard drive bays.  Video card options seem to range from the uber-ridiculous 3 9800 GTXs to the not-quite-as-ridiculous 2 8800 GT/s.  There are tons of other options listed in the specs but, oddly enough, only DDR2 (rather than the faster, crazy expensive DDR3) is listed.  Given that you’ll like have to morgage your house and sell both your soul and first born to afford a fully tricked out Predator, I find that oddly surprising.

The other bit of maybe sexy is the Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue laptop.  I don’t need a new laptop, but damn if it ain’t tempting.  Notebook review has a nice write-up here and some cost predictions near the end.  Acer says they start at $900 and top out under $2k, we’ll see about that.

One thought on “We Wants It!

  1. I have the Extensa 5620 and I must admit,
    I bought my Acer laptop over a year ago, That was my first Acer ever
    And I am so happy with it. I believe that my next Laptop will be Acer too. Definitely!!

    Since I’m traveling a lot, I’d like to ask you about the Warranty
    Is it valid for over seas?
    Can you put a note on that?


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