2nd Person….the D&D Perspective

I was talking to a co-worker at the store the other day when somehow or another the 2nd person perspective came up.  During said conversation I mentioned, in half-seriousness, that it should just be called the D&D perspective since it used so often there (You step into the room and…., As you open the door….; You set foot into the obviously untrapped hallway….).  Little did I know the current Hugo nominated novel Halting State by Charlie Stross is written in the 2nd Person.  I’m interested in giving it a shot, but I can’t say I’d like it.  The idea just so seems so counter intuitive to how I usually approach fiction that I’m not sure I could stomach it for long.

Regardless you can check out this post from Adventures In Reading for a little more info and on the blogger’s (Joe Sherry) difficulty with the novel; oddly enough the 2nd Person thing only played a part in his difficulty.  Read on for his take.

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