Lousy natural selection

Great article from Cracked.com about some cool post-dinosaur creatures that went the way of the dodo…leaving us with their lesser relatives. (And no, the dodo is not included. It was anything but cool by any definition of the word.) If the name Megatherium doesn’t ring a bell, you should definitely be reading this article. There are few things as badass as a sloth the size of an elephant with eight inch claws.

Well maybe Doedicurus (shown at the bottom because text refuses to wrap around pictures for me), who happens to be a glaring omission from the article. Apparently being a 12-foot long armadillo weighing multiple tons and sporting an enormous spiked tail doesn’t qualify you. Even when your closest surviving relative’s claims to fame are always giving birth to identical quadruplets and being considered a delicacy in Mexico.  We’re talking about something that combined the best parts of Stegosaurus (spiked tail), Ankylosaurus (body armor) and mammals (warm blooded, doesn’t become extinct every time there’s a minor ice age).  That lead to this, which lead to this. That’s the definition of being screwed.

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