Library Anime, and Upcoming Posts

Something called Library Wars sounds totally awesome to me!

I did read and finish Butcher’s Small Favor (dammit I want to add that ‘u’ so bad!) so expect some comments on that soon.  I’ve been meaning to post on the JoCo concert from Wednesday night, but have yet been able to sift through all the awesome.  Also, since I’m more than halfway though all of David Weber’s Honor Harrington books I figure I should post a little on that and a related post on series fiction.  Marvel’s Secret Invasion started this week and I have some stuff to say on that as well (I promise I won’t bitch about Spiderman).

Also, my ‘Currents Reads’ will change soon; so that those books I’m totally not reading anymore are gone.

So folks, keep your eyes on the skies.

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