Dear Vista…

Dear Vista,Please stop accessing me so much.  I neither need nor appreciate it.


Mike’s Hard Drive

Vista’s disk trashing issue is well documented. It manifests itself as the incessant “clicking” and “ticking” of hard drive access when little to no actual computing is being done.  Finely fed up with this I dove into Vista’s innards in an attempt to silence this annoying garbage.

Some quick searching revealed several possible culprits:

  • Superfetch (loads frequently used programs into RAM for quicker start up)
  • disk indexing
  • Windows Defender

I thought I had already disabled the last but a quick glance over in Control Panel->Admin Tools->Services revealed that was total BS.   Superfetch was disabled in the same place.  Disabling those two services still didn’t solve me problem.  Some searching revealed that Windows stores settings for indexing under Power Settings (really? WTF?) so I hopped over there and switched the settings from “Performance” to “Balanced.”  Quieter but still not quite there.

A quick glance at the task manager revealed a program “aacenter.exe” jumping up and down the list when I sorted by CPU usage.  A bit of googling revealed this to be the ASUS ACPI Center which seemed to be a bit of extraneous, and ultimatley useless, motherboard software.  Back in Admin Tools I opened up the task scheduler disabled the automatic disk defragmenter (really MS?  I know how to defrag my own HD thanks) then killed the aacenter.exe task (started whenever a user logged onto the computer).  Seconds later only the faint hum of fans could be heard.  Success.

Dunno which did it in the end but it seems my HD does it’s own thing without being bothered by vista.  So if you have this problem check out the above programs (you might try this solution here as that might also work.

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