Link: Early Small Favo(u)r Review from Graeme

Graeme’s Fantasy Review has an early review of the latest Dresden novel from Jim Butcher.  It hits stateside on the first…minus the “u”  (I guess Orbit thought us Americans couldn’t handle that spelling).  For those too lazy Graeme sums things up nicely:

‘Small Favour’ is really a book for the long term ‘Dresden fan’ but don’t let that put you off if you’re after a good slice of urban fantasy pulp noir (it’s pretty much persuaded me to find the rest of the series). I think it’s got pretty much everything you’re looking for.

Which means those of us in for the long haul might well enjoy it more. Anyway I’m jazzed to get a hold of the book and am happy I have Wednesday off (for other reasons, not a new Dresden book).

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