It Has Begun

As I continue down my Wheel of Time audiobook odyssey, I’m currently about midway through The Dragon Reborn, it’s nice to know that Brandon Sanderson has, at last, started work on the concluding volume .

From Brandon Sanderson’s Blog:

There was a powerful moment there for me when I got to write those words “The Wheel of Time turns. . . .” Mr. Jordan, despite his preparations for the book, didn’t actually write those words that have started each book in the series. I guess he figured he didn’t need to, since they’ve been the same since book one. He knew that his time might come soon, so he focused on more important scenes.

That left me being able to write the opening paragraph to chapter one. (Though, of course, there will be a prologue. While those words won’t start the book, I decided that they would be the way that I started work on it.)

It has begun.

Now, who is willing to put money on who wins the race between Duke Nukem Forever and A Memory of Light?

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