Bill and Eli’s Big Adventure

All of us have fond memories of childhood adventures; of playing pretend in backyards and parks, or exploring places we think we shouldn’t be.  Conn and Hal Igguldon’s Dangerous Book for Boys was a testament to this and I think in all of us (or maybe it’s just some of us) that little boy that longs for adventure and discovery never really goes away.

I’ve blogged about Mr. Harris before.  He seems to me an average guy (or not so average maybe) who has some solid opinions on the gaming industry.  In between his gaming commentary he has offered tips on being lazy, opinions on music, various distracting links, and annecdotes about his son Eli.  This year, as his son is home for spring break, Bill has set up a huge adventure for his son and, despite his claims at being the prince of laziness, he has managed perhaps one of the greatest feats in fatherly badassery that I have ever seen.

Check out the below posts on the adventure for childhood memory in the making:

Big Adventure 1

Big Adventure 2

Big Adventure 3

Big Adventure 4


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