Metal Review: Light From Above by Black Tide

Bear with me as I say this; Black Tide has the potential to release one of, if not the, best metal albums ever.  Seriously.  But this album isn’t it.

Not that this album doesn’t rock, it does, it rocks hard.  If you find yourself frustrated and slightly disgusted by the droves of emo-laden scream and croon antics of many of today’s recent mainstream metal you should do yourself a favor and pick this baby up.  Hell, even if you like those other guys you should pick this album up.  If you care anything at all about the future of metal you should Pick. This. Album. Up.

As you listen to it you may scoff at some of the derivative elements but keep listening and I dare you not to smile at the sheer amount of fun these guys seem to have as they revel in the tropes and themes we metal fans have come to know and love.  Then drop your jaw as you remember that lead singer/guitarist Gabriel Garcia is 15 years old!  Their bassist? 18.  Their drummer? 19.  Their guitarist? 17.


If this is their debut I shudder to think what they can do in the future.  And I shiver to think how they might turn out if things go badly (or too well).   There is certainly room for improvement.  Garcia certainly has the talent to craft a classic metal song but I’d like to see these guys stretch a little more creatively.  Regardless, with the somewhat uneven debut of Airbourne I’m glad to see a debut album that actually lives up to the hype.

Regardless of what minor gripes I have this is an absolutely brilliant debut album that any veteran band would be proud to have put out.  A couple more years, a bit of touring under their belts and see something amazing coming from these guys.  Buy this album.  Rock out to “Warriors of Time” (definatley my favorite song off this album), headbang to “Black Abyss,”  wallow in “The Light from Above,” and hope that these guys stay together for the long run so we can see and enjoy the creative explosion and momemtous impact they seem destined for.


Official Band Site

2007 interview

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