Video Games make you dumb…

Dave Gibbons, of the American Chronicle, wrote this little gem about video games, libraries, and literacy.

This correlation=causation angle has been pretty well abused in “video games are bad” argument and no one (I’m looking at you Mr. Thompson) has managed to pin down accurate numbers to support their argurment.   Mr. Gibbons is no different.  He gives us tons of numbers on literacy but none whatsoever on how, or if, video games impact literacy.  That fact alone should render is argument null and void.

However, from a slighly less crumudgeony position, one might ask how the enticement of video games in the library increases teen (or even adult) awareness of other library services.  It’s all well and good to hold a Guitar Hero or Rock Band tournament but finding a way to tie those things into the greater context of literacy, learning, and library service is another matter entirely.

I have no doubt that fans of Halo 3  or Gears of War would enjoy Andy Remic’s War Machine, or that those old school adherents to the Max Payne series would enjoy the fisticuff laden adventures of Phillip Marlowe, or that fans of Rock Band might enjoy the manga series RePlay. Yeah, Gibbons doesn’t support his argument very well, he offers criticism without discussion but I do think that further investigation into the relationship between libraries, teens, and video games is certainly warranted.

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