Marvel at this trifecta- Comcs 2/13

Nova Annual #1 Abnett and Alves
I bought this expecting a cheap filler story retelling the original of Nova. What I got instead was a cool story that opens the next act of Nova’s cosmic journey to find a solution to the Phalanx dilemma and rid himself of the technophage virus. Nova has been a consistently enjoyable title with top notch art and quality writing. Richard Rider and his evolution, from C level hero to badass intergalactic hero, over the course of Annihilation was not only fun, but believable as well. Pick up this issue to get a short glimpse of Nova’s origins and use it as a stepping stone to jump onto his monthly. Great stuff.
Captain Marvel #3 Reed and Weeks
What I initially thought was a cheap publicity stunt to bring back an old character has turned out to be an interesting story about a man’s quest for identity. While it lacks the header above the title this ties into Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” event and is perhaps the most interesting, and revealing, book so far. You really feel for the Captain as he struggles to find a place in this future, when he knows that to return to his own time means his death. This is title I original had no hope for that has turned into a deeper read than I could have ever imagined. Check it out.
X-Factor #28 David and Raimondi
Getting us caught up with the mutant (plus 1 human) miscreants of X-Factor after the events of Messiah Complex we get to spend some time with each of our characters. Siryn is pregnant with Jaimie’s babie. Rictor is feeling as lost and useless as ever. Guido is as affable as ever. Rahne is leaving for X-Force. M is as bitchy as ever (she even destroys an iPhone!). That brings us to Jaimie, and Jaimie is lost. Somehow, despite being a bit annoying, Miss Layla Miller became a rock centering X-Factor’s, and Jaimie’s, world. With her missing in a harsh future, Jaimie is hurt, angry, and uncertain of where to go and what to do. Peter David has a real handle on these characters and of the three “Divided We Stand” titles so far this one is, by far, the best. This is a “superhero” book, of sorts, but falls far from the typical mark. You should be reading this title. Pick up the old trades and start in on the monthly.

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