Last Weeks Best- Comics 1/23

I’m only going to to a Top 3 picks from last week’s releases. I missed out this week (some great comics too, dammit) but hopefully get to the store tonight or tomorrow.

The Order #7
Consistently one my favorite books from the house of ideas, The Order, follows a group of heroes chosen to be the “face” of the Initiative. Lead by former-actor turned hero Henry Hellrung the team has to deal with public scandals, super-villains, and micro-management from Shield Director Tony Stark. To make matters worse this issue Namor is holding the city hostage with a tidal wave; with the few operative member of the team dealing with crowd control Henry has to deal with the zealous and ever-pissy leader of Atlantis. Light on action but with great tension-building dialogue you really feel for Henry as the “inexperienced hero” has to take on a situation most veteran heroes would cringe at. I won’t spoil anything but Henry was already one of my favorite characters before this issue and his actions here only cement that opinion. I was a little disappointed that the Supernaut and Aralune storyline was nowhere to be found but hopefully we’ll get some resolution on that end next issue. Not a great jumping on point but a solid, well-crafted issue none-the-less.
Astonishing X-Men #24
As if Messiah Complex wasn’t enjoyable enough fans of the X get the ever-talented Joss Whedon penning his penultimate issue on this (out of continuity?) X-book. Whedon has a fine tuned sense of dialogue and relationship between the characters of this team (to elements any Whedonite should know about from his TV work) and if you look fondly on the X-men of old you really should be reading this title. Cassiday on the pencils is a master and I can only hope to see his work more widespread once he’s done here. I must admit I can’t think of any other writer who could pull off a story about angry aliens launching a giant bullet at Earth. Quality book that should be on any superhero fan’s pull list.
Jack Staff Special
Image Comics have really carved out a niche for themselves. Moving from their creator owned, larger than life, superheroics of the 90s they have performed quiet a coup in publishing smaller independent titles and throwback action superheroes. Jack Staff is a comic I’ve always wanted to get into and now that it’s going monthly I’ll have that chance; thanks to the fine folks at Image. This special gives a sampling of the titular hero and his assorted recurring characters and does a great job whetting one’s appetite for more. Kudos Image.

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