Pellet Review: Shadowbred, by Paul S Kemp


EDIT:  Apparently its taken about five months to realize that I mislabeled this as the wrong book.  Oops.


Paul S. Kemp

Wizards of the Coast, 2006

Drizzt who?  I haven’t read a “shared world” story in a while so it was a fun distraction jumping back into the realms again.  Kemp should not be surprised in finding himself catapulted amongst the “holy trinity” of realms authors (Cunningham, Salvatore, and Greenwood).  Indeed Kemp’s writing ability and handle on what it takes to make a story truly “epic,” in my opinion, far outclasses any of the other realms author’s I’ve read.  Erevis Cale is an interesting character that oozes cool found in a book rife with political and theological manipulation set before a background of grand scale.  Interesting villains, great action, and a fast paced quagmire of a plot make this the best Realms book I’ve read since The Halfling’s Gem.  Highly recommended for fans of both the Forgotten Realms and fantasy at large.


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