Music Top 5- Addendum

2007 was a long year and while shuffling through a stack of CDs I stumbled across one I forgot to mention.

Neil Young Live at Masey Hall 1971–  I was never a big Neil Young fan.  I appreciate his songwriting, and his presence at the forefront of the folk/rock scene of the late 60s and 70s is hard to ignore (nor do I mean to marginalize his impact on folk/rock/country music scene), but I was never a fan.  That is until I bought this album.  Released in March of this year with phenomenal sound recording beautifully remastered it’s easy to forget this wasn’t recorded in ’07.  Featuring a number of “new” (in 1971, now classic, some unknown) Young tunes the album presents an  intimate portrait of Young and his audience revealing a man both confident and excited in the work he was doing.  I found it easy to listen to this album with my eyes closed and see myself as part of the audience for what, to me, is a extraordinary performance.

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