A Note: Firefox 3 Beta 2

I had beta 1 installed previously but didn’t say anything much about it.  Beta 2 added a feature that I felt necessitated some comments.  The address bar.  Our old standard friend.  Every browser has one with some slight variation on implementation.  To date Opera, with its address bar search was king (enter “g” in the address bar followed by your query and it posts it to google, enter “z” and it searches amazon) FF3B2 added an interesting and wholly useful enhancement to standard auto-complete that gives Opera’s search a run for it’s money. In fact, the feature is so simple and obvious that you’ll wonder why no one (as far as my limited knowledge extends) has done it before.  Rather than simply auto-completing a URL FF3B2 auto-completes website titles as well.  Simple, effective, and more useful than you might expect.  Can’t remember the URL of that article you were reading (that you forgot to bookmark, shame on you!)?  Simply start typing the title and it shows up in the address bar!  Simple.  Effective.  Damned useful.

Beta 2 Address Bar

To give the beta whirl head on over here.  Don’t forget to check out the release notes.  For more detailed impressions check out the Wired blog or the mozillalinks blog.

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