Games that Don’t Exist but Should:

I was thinking as I drove into work yesterday of games that aren’t in development (as far as I know) but I think should be. Only have 2 for now, but if think of more I’ll add ’em in.

Oblivionesque space opera rpg
Mass Effect is a step in the right direction but it still employs the rigidity of plot found in older Bioware games (BGII, etc.). This isn’t a bad thing (Bioware makes quality product) but the game lacks the organic nature of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls games. As I’ve played through Mass Effect I’ve felt like I’ve been stripping the game world bare, rather than simply exploring. Oblivion is a game in which I’ve logged in more hours and done less towards the main plot. Between the guild quests, city quests, random dungeons/mines, and downloadable content the latest Elder Scrolls game is a fantasy sandbox of the highest caliber. Now imagine that same feeling of exploration and adventure you feel when playing Oblivion except translated across worlds to the vastness of space.
Developer: Bethesda. If Morrowind and Oblivion could be reproduced in the galactic scale i would consider myself satisfied.
Squad based X-com shooter
Few games of the 90s have as much an iconic presence in my memory as Microprose’s X-Com. The recent UFO games are certainly the thematic successors to the series but seem to me lack the fundamental appeal of the X-Com franchise. Given the popularity of tactical squad based combat games, Ghost Recon and the recent Rainbow Six games, why we haven’t seen a more recent squad based shooter based on this series is beyond me. Given recent advances in lighting technology rendered in games recreating the dark, tense, atmosphere of an X-Com combat mission would be an almost simple task.  You could even release the original X-Com on Xbox Live Arcade as a bonus download.
Developer: Monolith. They earned their Humans vs. Aliens chops making the AVP games.

2 thoughts on “Games that Don’t Exist but Should:

  1. You make some great points… We are only getting better, I’ve played through Mass Effect and have to say I was Impressed! And i’m not talking about the game play itself…But about the work that went behind it. Every little nuance, facial ticks, and emotion that went into each character. It was definatly worth the 4 year wait for me anyway.

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  2. Savannah Chadwick

    Thats my favorite game Woooohoooo!!!! Well worth the wait!
    It’s really amazing what can be done now a days… And If you really just sit and think about it…”A 100yrs isn’t really that long ago, considering how far we have come.”

    Webkinz Golden Retriever

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