Top 5: Part 2 (Music)

My music picks have a number of older titles in them, but everything I list here I bought this year.

5. Down -Sentenced (1997)
Down is a fantastic black metal album. Shades of this album can be heard in almost every metal, metalcore, and emo band album released recently and Sentenced still does it better. A metal classic.
4. A Line of Deathless Kings -My Dying Bride
Despite having a name that should belong to whiny emo band, My Dying Bride, manages to kick some ass. Gloom or Doom metal featuring melodic vocals and a driving rhythm the band manages to be equal parts hard and beautiful at the same time. Certainly an interesting departure from much of metal saturating the market today.
3. Angel Down -Sebastian Bach
A surprisingly hard solo album from former Sonic Youth frontman Sebastian Bach. It’s a shame that Bach’s vocal talents aren’t as well known as they should be. This album features three tracks with Axl Rose and I’m hard pressed to make the call on who tops who in the seeming battle for vocal oneupmanship. Solid rock album a far cry from most of what hits the market today equal parts retro and new.
2. The Dethalbum -Dethklok
Despite being a spoof on all things metal The Dethalbum sill manages to rock hard. Lacking the rather oppressive seriousness of most death metal bands the fellows over at Dethklok manage to turn out some damned entertaining tunes, hilarious in their over the top nature. How can one not smile at songs with such ridiculous names as “Hatredcopter”, “Bloodrocuted”, “Face Fisted”, and “Dethharmonic”. Hilarious metal fun.
1. Bang Camaro -Bang Camaro
80s metal “tribute” sung by a 15+ man chorus, with wicked guitar licks and simple easy-to-sing-a-long-with lyrics. No other album had me smiling as much as this one (The Dethalbum came pretty close) nor have I blasted any other CD quite so loud in a long time. If you’re a fan of 80s metal, Guitar Hero, or just fun music this is the album for you.

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