A Miscellany

Well, I hadn’t quite figured on how slow this novel would move at the start.  It’ll probably take a while longer to get through it than some of my previous reads.   Needless to say I am working my through it; though at a snail’s pace.

In the meantime I did plow through David Weber’s second Honor Harrington novel, the Honor of the Queen, and enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the first novel.  At the library I work at we were missing most of the middle novels in this series (we had the first novel, plus most of the recent ones), I was able to order the rest and look forward to more of Captain Harrington’s adventures.  Anyone looking for an action-packed, fast paced, light read should seriously consider these books.

I also recently finished Glory Road by Robart A. Heinlaein.  I was introduced to the book via one of the many fantasy/sci-fi blogs what I frequent where it was said that Glory Road was one of Heinlein’s only (if not the only) works in fantasy.  As it turns out that isn’t completely accurate.  Expect more detailed impressions to come.

I also recently finished Bungie’s Halo 3; which I may comment on in the near future.  I play games real slow.  How slow?  Well here is a list of games that are currently in process:

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
I was playing on my PC but I ditched that for the 360 version. Apparently there is some sort of Main Quest, maybe I’ll get to it one day. Length played: 1 year+
Legend of Zelda: The Twiglight Princess
I have enjoyed this game but several things have kept me from finishing. Number one is probably the archaic save system. Though the length of the game is pretty ridiculous. I’ll be honest though: I thought the atmosphere and character of Wind Waker was better. As great an experience as TP is (and it is a worthy Zelda title) I still feel Wind Waker was the superior title. Length played: 1 year+ (almost near the end though)
Neverwinter Nights 2
Massive bugs early in the game that corrupted some saves made things difficult (to say the least).   After a couple of patches I worked my way to near the end of the game  when I saved at annoying spot that left me with spells that I didn’t want and no way to change them (thus making the final battle a pain in the ass) in fit of frustration I deleted my old save and started over.   The game is beast, my system isn’t top notch but she ain’t no slouch either, and finding the right balance between performance and bling (for lack of a better term) hasn’t been very easy. Length played: 1 year+
Half-Life 2 Epidsode 1, 2, and portal
Apparently Episode 1 is a platformer, the early levels made me want to kill someone. I’ll get to 2 when I finish 1. I got stuck in Portal and haven’t had a chance to get back to it yet. Length played: 2+ months

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  Things grow infinitely more complex looking ahead at all the games that are out, or are coming out in the next month or so, that I want to play:

Those are the four off the top of my head.  That list doesn’t include Rock Band which I am dead certain will suck away more time from my life.  I’m a little game starved this week since a lengthy project for my grandma’s birthday took up considerable time.   I just got my laptop back as well (or rather a new old one) that needs some attention, after reinstalling xubuntulast night (with problems caused by the ati driver that took a while to resolve), and getting ndiswrapperup and running (I hate that broadcom chipset in the old Dells) I still need to locate and install some missing packages/programs (mainly bluefish and cssed), and transfer files from my pc.

I look forward to actually being able to play some games next week (Wednesday and Friday especially).

One thought on “A Miscellany

  1. I think I have almost played through all of Oblivion NOT counting Shivering Isles. It’s been about more than a year. lol and 65 hours of my life. lol I will lend you Bioshock. I’ve played it through both ways so I’m ok for a while without it.

    Psst…..Lego Star wars….just sayin’

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