Why the fox rocks….

So like so many of the people out there I’m a Firefox user. I have been for a number of years now. Yet, I’ve only used a tiny portion of the browser’s capabilities and, I’m willing to bet that average joe IE user that switched over doesn’t either. It was a couple of weeks ago that I ran across a feature over at Lifehacker called “Show us you firefox” and the true power and adaptability of Firefox was revealed to me. The keyword here is extensibility. There are a slew of add-on one can add to their Firefox to customize and enhance it’s use. Let me show you some of the extensions I use:

Tab Scope: Hovering the mouse over a tab reveals a preview of the tab in question.

Colorful Tabs: Turns your tab background pretty colors.

TinyMenu: Turns my menu bar into a single button.

Smart Bookmarks Bar: Collapse the bookmark in your toolbar into icons

Tab Mix Plus: Allows you to manage your tabs better including a list of closed tabs and the ability to reopen them.  Also manages your sessions.

Source Chart: View page source as a handy graphic chart.

Anyway, think about adding some extensions to firefox to improve your browsing experience.

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