Retrospective: Naked Wednesdays

Oh…Naked Wednesdays how I miss thee!  The lesser known, and less long-lived, sister “holiday” of Pick-up Truck Party Thursdays is only slightly less mourned.  Now, the first thing you have to understand about Naked Wednesday is that while it did indeed occur on a Wednesday there was no actually nudeness involved.  I believe the name came about as means to elicit discomfort and confusion amongst third parties.  In fact I’m not even sure who or how the name came about; perhaps a former participant could enlighten me.

Let us go back, dear reader, to the bygone year of 1999.  It was then, in my junior year of high school, that Naked Wendesday was born (nb.  I have no notes to confirm this so the date is extrapolated from rather hazy memories, I’m not sure if it occured pre-Perfect Dark or not).  Four friends to decided to pick a day when all matters and responsibilities academic, social, and personal were put asside in the name of entertainment.  We would rush home from school and then head immediatley to a friends basement where we would play video games to our hearts content.  Silly?  Yes.  Fun? Yes.  But there you have it.

These weren’t any games mind you.  We’re talking about the heyday of Nintendo 64.  When the tri-pronged controller, in its multitude of colors, reigned supreme.  We wiled away hours at such classics as Goldeneye, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart 64, and don’t forget 3D0’s (R.I.P.) glorious Battletanks series.  There was much soda and junk foods consumed, there was shouting and yelling, there were reset buttons slammed in frustration (I’m looking at you Mike!), and controllers hurled across the room. 

 Eventually, as assignments piled up and projects loomed, Naked Wednesdays tapered off until they were gone.  But Naked Wednesdays aren’t truly dead, their spirit lives on, though the time is gone and the people scattered.  We still remember.

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