It begins…..

Is upgrading my computer a good idea? Probably not….doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do it anyway. Phase 1 and 2 of my yet to be determined upgrade plan arrived this week. I give you now Phase 1:

Box of Excitement

The Samsung 226BW 22 inch flat panel monitor. Now the goodies inside this box ‘o fun:

the nougat center

Set up was a breeze, god bless the inventor of plug and play, and (one broken glass full of pens later):

The man in green

22 inches of shiny goodness. Also, coming later in the week, a replacement of my 350 watt power supply with a brand spankin’ new 500 watt power supply. The nvidia Geforce 8 series (in particular the 8800 line) of video cards have a pretty big minimum power standard (400 watts) and if I want the gaming power I needs me power! I certainly want teh 7337 r0x0r p0vv3r…ahem! ‘Scuse me, my inner geek got the best of me.

To the rest of you fools out there let me take a brief moment to impress upon you the awesomeness that is New If you want electronics on the net screw the big guys head on over to New Egg. I ordered this monitor yesterday morning, 3 day shipping is the standard and it rocks a hard one. Indeed the price of getting my monitor in something barely over 24 hours was a mere $15. Not too shabby if you ask me. Anyway, pray hard folks that during my next case-cracking adventure I don’t somehow ‘splode my computer.

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