Volcano High

Just watched one of my favorite movies, Volcano High, tonight.  If you’ve ever been a fan of anime, or even kinda sorta enjoyed and episode of Dragonball Z than you should probably watch this movie.

The plot revolves around semi-delinquent student Kyeong-Su Kim and his arrival at equally delinquent, titular Volcano High.  At Volcano High the students are in an ongoing struggle for a mystical text in the possession of the principal.  Various acts of betrayal and deception, peppered with more martial arts mayhem and you get one fast-paced entertaining flick.   The movie’s fast pace is broken up by the comic antics of most characters and the somewhat shy romance between our main man Kim and Chae-i Yu (“Icy Jade”).   This isn’t academy award stuff but it certainly blows away most of the popcorn flicks the folks over in California have been putting out.

I have the all-region version.  Unfortunatley mere months after purchasing it MTV picked up the movie and redubbed it using rappers.  While I myself prefer the original Korean cut (different from both my all-region version and the MTV version) the only version still in print stateside is the MTV cut.  As cool a novelty as rapper dubbing a crazy Korean sci-fi/action/comedy/martial arts movie I still would recommend either the original (if you have an all-region player and can find a copy) or the all-region version.  In truth I guess it’ll come down to whether you prefer to listen to a dub or read subtitles.  My leanings are towards subtitles as I feel more is lost in translation in a dub (in the case of the MTV version this is intentional as the movie was “americanized”) than in subtitles (regardless of whether you understand the language being spoken).

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