Ocean County Roads….

Fun day over in Seaside, despite that shit ass weather.  Hangin’ with the ‘po crew.  Lotsa laughs, lotsa eats.  I did get lost on the way there though, thanks to Google Maps (and my poor abilities at multitasking map reading and driving) which split 549 into two roads…oops.  Best part is that while my friend’s house has a Seaside Heights zip code it’s actually in Dover and a much easier drive down the GSP than the crazy county roads the actual address sent me down.  First time the Google Maps has let me down…for shame.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize this error on *sigh* my part, until after I had shelled out some dough for a frickin’ map.  I feel I should also shovel some blame on Verizon Broadband its intermittent connection loss over the last 72 hours.

Also I found out that Bang Camaro’s debut CD should be out on iTunes now.  Sweet news for me as this rock/metal indie supergroup was the author by far my favorite bonus song on Guitar Hero 2, “Push Push (Lady Lightning).”  For those that don’t know that band is mostly made up of guys from Boston/NE indie groups and features a “chorus” of about 15 “lead vox,” according to their myspace page.  I wish they were playing some shows down here, in Philly or NYC, but alas the closest is in Bethlehem in August.  They were of course playing in Brooklyn this Friday but I was at home with a fever and unconscious by 11.

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