The buck stops here!

I’m bored, and I’m at work. I’ll post those damned 10 “random/wierd things” but I’m not passing on the curse to 5 people (n.b. I doubt there are 5 people that read this….bonus points for anyone who can tell me what n.b. stands for). Ok, in no particular order.

10.) I did, at one time, watch both Gilmore Girls and the O.C. on a fairly regular basis.

9.) I’ve read every book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (save the newest one and Path of Daggers) at least twice. For those that don’t know that is probably about 600 pages a book (on the low side).

8.) I talk to myself….a lot.

7.) I got a little teary at the end of “In Good Company”. Shut up.

6.) I think that the burning bush’s response to Moses (“I am he who is I am.”) is one of the most semiotcally fascinating sentances ever written.

5.) After studying for about an hour for my American West class during college I got so depressed and sickened by it that I gave up, threw my textbook across the room, and played video games instead. Oh sweet escapism!

4.) I’ve read parts of the OED….for fun. Great time killer.

3.) I try to make it to the comic book store every Weds for new comics. While I know I could give them a pull list I refuse to as I find the ritual of browsing the shelves somehow therapeutic.

2.) I block the vent and open my window…in the winter.

1.) I think that breakfast anytime is one the greatest creations in the history of food.

Whew! Made it. That reminds me a much lamer, slighly less creepy version of Post Secret. And I swear by all that is holy that you will never see another survey by me….ever! Later bitches.

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