Don’t know if anyone out there knows anything about the Music Genome Project, but a short little blurb about it can be found here. What does matter is that it gave birth to the neat little program called Pandora. Pandora uses the information garnered from the MGP and user input to create dynamic “radio” stations featuring bands with similar styles/sounds. As the system chooses new songs/artists you can click a thumbs up symbol to approve the song and have the program continue to search for similar sounding stuff or you can click the thumbs down, skip the song, and choose something else. Clicking on menu from a particular song gives you a number of options allowing you to create a new station from either the artist or the song, view why the song was chosen, view info on the band, the album or the song itself and of course with links to purchase the song/album. Did I mention that Pandora was free? Sure you can’t bring it with you on the go but sitting at your computer at home it can be a fun way to find new bands. There is a pretty decent user community and you can share your own stations, and listen to other people’s stations. Their artist/album database is pretty good and usually has samples of songs. Anyhoo, if you’re curious head on over to Pandora and check it out.

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