Kicking some ectoplasmic ass….or not

So one of my favorite cartoons as a kid was The Real Ghostbusters.  It was fun, and silly, and had a great toy line.  So I’m shelving new releases last night and what do I see but Ghostbusters Season 1.  Now, don’t get excited.  It wasn’t The Real Ghostbusters, but Filmation’s Ghostbusters.  It had a monkey (named Tracey) and an evil robot ghost as the main villain…and it sucked ass.  In fact it is one of the few (if not the only) instances where adding a monkey to a concept doesn’t make it better.  So my question is: where is the season box set(s) of the Real Ghostbusters?

Little bit of trivia: J. Michael Strazynski, creator of Babylon 5, writer for Amazing Spiderman, did some of his earliest writing for episodes of the Real Ghostbusters.

Upcoming:  A review/commentary on Marvel’s Civil War (still waiting on issue 7) and DC’s Ion: Guardian of the Universe up through the penultimate issue (I haven’t talked yet about that one here).

One thought on “Kicking some ectoplasmic ass….or not

  1. adam

    oh god, i remember seeing that as a kid. it was hilariously bad, even if i was really young. the real ghostbusters was the shit however.
    slimer remains the best sidekick ever.

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