Damn the Moon!

So, a runner up to my fav video games list. Day of Defeat, the WW2 mod for Half-life/Half-life 2. Its game mode is similar to Battlefield 1942, you struggle to control map points, but unlike BF1942 the map points are typically captured in under a second. The maps are smaller so combined the quick capture turnover and a more “realistic” level of lethality matches are tense and fast. By “realistic” I mean that you can typically only take one, maybe two, shots before you bite it. In earlier iterations of the game (may have been waaaaaaaay back in the HL1 beta version) you could even bleed from shots (continous damage over time) and you’d have to stop and bandage your wounds. I’m not very good at the game and my score tends be something like 6 kills to about 24+ deaths, and maybe some points for capturing a map point. Oddly enough I still play and I still have fun.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned John Allison’s fantastic webcomic Scary Go Round, but I really should. I’ve been reading it for about 2 years now and it never fails to amuse me. It is a bit off the wall, and certainly British, but a fun read none-the-less. Lest you be frightened off by the word “webcomic” it is an actual comic (has actual stories) rather than three panel vignettes made popular by the likes of Gabe an Tycho over at Penny Arcade. The quirky humor seen in the comic comes from endearing characters that have unique and entertaining personalities. And I’m in love with Shelly Winters, see below the picture for her “bio” from the cast section of the Scary Go Round website:

Shelley Winters
Loveable, slightly annoying ingenue. Likes things that are fun. Works as the mayor’s assistant. Has a funny way of talking. Accident prone. Became a zombie once. Has enemies in the world of the deep.

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