All hail the Black Parade!

So ever since I saw their performance at the VMA’s over the summer I was looking forward to My Chemical Romance’s new album, The Black Parade. It has been a long wait but it is finally here and it was worth it. No bones about it for what I caustically label an emo band this is a highly entertaining album with some rather interesting and well put together music. Don’t get me wrong it still is very much emo but it has some more depth than the typically “woe is me” mentality that seems to be infecting most of these bands, not to mention it has some really fantastic music that dares, at least a little, to stray from the mainstream screeching and whining choruses typical of the emo crowd. “Mama” in particular manages to somehow channel a little bit of Jim Morrison (the main rhythm is very reminiscent of Whiskey Bar) while managing to remain its own entity (complete with a Liza Minelli guest appearance of all things) and at the same time maintain its pop sensibilities. Despite the musical experimentation that the band attempts the album is still very much pop music, which isn’t a bad thing.

All in all, a great album and a must buy for fans of the band or anyone interested in something a little bit different from what they’re used in the modern rock genre.

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