It’s hot!

Man, I frickin’ hate hot weather. Especially hot and humid weather. It wasn’t bad a few weeks ago when it was like 90-something but bone dry, I can handle that, I sweat like crazy but if I wasn’t at work in that kind of heat I might actually be outside enjoying the sun. But kick up that dew point to to 75 degrees (which is what it’s at today) and I don’t even want to be near a damned window.

The Lies of Locke Lamora: This is perhaps one of the best books I’ve read this summer. It’s by a newcomer named Scott Lynch and I will be looking forward to his future endeavors. The story has an Oliver Twist type feel, a young orphan is adopted by a band of thieves and con-men but there are shades of the urban fantasy of the likes of China Mieville, M. John Harrison, and Jeff Vandermeer. The book continues what I think is a good trend I’ve noticed in much fantasy, away from the typical heroic fantasy epic to a more character driven mode of storytelling (well it’s either a trend, or just a newly developed taste for such fiction on my part) that focuses less on events in a grand scale and more on the trials and tribulations of a single character. If you like a well written story, and enjoy tales of trickery, theft, and skullduggery I highly reccomend this book.

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