"But Prime–"

Watching one of the greatest achievments of cinematic perfection ever….Transformers: The Movie. So many awesome moments, such a great soundtrack. Optimus as he arrives back on earth “Megatron must be stopped…no matter the cost,” that line never fails to send chills down my spine.

“Coronation Starscream!? This is bad comedy.” -Galvatron

“When do we start bustin’ deceptachops!” -Ironhide

“Who you callin’ unchrasimatic!” -Rumble

“Such heroic nonsense!” -Megatron

The amount of violence in the film is surprising as well. The slaughter of the autobots on the shuttle is particularly vicious. The heaped bodies during the siege of Autobot City. i know they’re robots but a film with a as much human destruction would never have squeaked by with a PG rating. Anyhoo if you remember Transformers with any fondness, or are just lookin’ for a fun summer sci-fi flick pop over to your local video store, or check out netflix, for TFTM.

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