Cliffy B. is pretty awesome…

This is actually from MTV via Shacknews:

“What other entertainment medium that’s mass market is at $60 a pop?” said Cliff Bleszinski. … So he doesn’t want $60. He doesn’t want $50. “I would kill to have a [top-quality] game that’s jam-packed with an amazing story and amazing moments and four hours long and costs 20 bucks.” He said it’s possible, if only the industry cut costs by making games shorter and sweeter, but that too many gamers and publishers demand 20-hour games that are filled with the padding of having gamers repeat the same tasks again and again.”

Cliffy B. does have a point and I agree with him but….and it is a rather large one, the game has to be both “shorter and sweeter”. The last game I actually purchased was Day of Defeat: Source (for $20). No single-player to speak of, but the fast, well crafted online gameplay has more than made up for the cost. With my current enthusiasm towards the game market the next game you’ll hear of me purchasing is Duke Nukem Forever.

Hear that George? Get yer ass in gear.

As I was saying, shorter and sweeter, ain’t gonna happen. Shorter maybe. But not sweeter. Are games like this possible? I’ll believe it when I see it. Can anyone really see EA actually improving their QC department? That poor monkey would be out of a job. Anyway, the gaming industry can go f*** themselves.

At least until the Revoluion comes out, then Miyamoto will lead us to a magical land of peace and harmony and all will be right with the world.

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